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Looking to obtain your Connecticut Pistol Permit? See our Live Fire Program and find out why we are the best class around.

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Are you a new shooter who needs to learn the basics or just someone who needs a refresher? Ask about our training sessions.

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Do you need to transfer a gun from one person to another? Did you buy a gun online? Contact us for details on how we can help you.

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Why G&L Firearms

Simply.....we are the best. We offer the best, most complete class around. There are a lot of choices out there, we get it, but all we ask is that you compare apples to apples before you decide on what class to take. The old saying 'The cheapest doesnt always mean the best' is very true. You can find cheaper classes out there and you can find instructors that will run a shooter class not taking up as much of your time but ask yourself why.

We Offer The NRA Required Class - The class is this long for a reason, there is a lot of information to pass on. If another class is only a couple hours you need to ask why?

We Offer OVER 200 Rounds Of Live Fire - We want each student to leave our class knowing what it is like to shoot each common 'carry' round. When you leave our class you will know what you are comfortable shooting. At our dealer cost you will fire almost $50.00 in ammo. So when a class is only $75-$80, or even $100 - ask yourself why? How much ammo can you be firing if you are only paying a small amount for the class and 8 hours of an instructors time. If you are not getting 200 rounds you are not getting a proper class.

We Offer 1 on 1 Shooting Instruction - Each shooter will have an instructor by his/her side while shooting. We will be there at your side to make sure the gun is being handled safely and to work with you on proper shooting technique.

We Offer Classroom/Shooting In One Place - We have our own private covered shootig area so you will come to our location and have the class, testing, and shooting all at one location. Many other classes require you to take the class, then packup and drive to the range to shoot.

We Offer Small Classes - We mostly limit our classes to 4 students and make sure we provide attention to everyone. We do not feel that packing 30 students in a room is helpful to anyone. There is just not enough time in the class to be able to provide the attention we do to that many students. Rest assured that in a smaller group you will have all your questions anwered and items discussed until you are comfortable.

This is why we ask you to compare apples to apples when selecting your class. We work great with new shooters, when you leave our class you will have a clear understanding of what it is like shooting different guns and calibers - you will leave knowing what works for you and what doesnt.


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