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The Basic Pistol Class

The Basic Pistol Shooting Course is required in the State of Connecticut to obtain a permit to carry pistols and revolvers.

The Basic Pistol course now consists of two parts, one is done online prior to coming to our facility for the second part.

Phase One

  • The first part is now done online through the NRA. This part consists of an 11 lesson online training program. You are required to pass at least 90% of the lessons. If you do not pass the first time you will have four (4) additional chances to pass. Once you pass the exam you will be directed to generate a completion certificate that you can save as a file and/or print. You will use your PIN to register for your instructor-led portion (or Phase 2) of the course on the www.nrainstructors.org website.

    You will have access to this program for 90 days from the start of your enrollment date after which access expires.

Sign Up For Phase One On The NRA Training Site

Phase Two

  • Phase two is the recap and live fire program. We will go over gun handling, loading, griping and site alignment. Our live fire program will be over 200 rounds of live fire. You will shoot everything from .22 up to .45. When you are done with your class you will have a great understanding of the different calibers and your comfort level with each one. We will customize your shooting part of the class based on your comfort level.
Why Choose G&L Firearms
  • Certified NRA Instructors with many years of shooting experience
  • Class/Shooting at the same location
  • Covered shooting range & indoor shooting range for private classes
  • Heated shooting area in the colder months
  • All students have 1 on 1 shooting time with an instructors
  • Our Live Fire Program is the absolute best around
  • Choose from a LARGE variety of center fire handguns with over 200 rounds of live fire
  • Everything provided for you
  • Competitive Rates
  • One day class
  • Small 4 person classes so everyone gets the attention they need

Shopping Around? Ask Questions!
There are many classes out there that offer a quick class and limited live fire. The NRA REQUIRES at least 200 rounds of live fire for this certificate. We ask you to shop around because we know you will not find a better class then ours. Make sure you ask your potential instructors how much live fire you will do. If it is not at least 200 rounds then the certificate is not valid and you are being short changed.
Basic Class Information

We pride ourselves for providing one of the best classes around. Many people offer the pistol class, but not many offer the same class we do. You may be able to find a shorter class, and even a less expensive class, but ask yourself why the difference? Many classes will offer you only a handful of rounds to shoot or even have multiple shooters per each instructor - not at G&L Firearms. With G&L we offer the NRA required full day class with over 100 rounds of live fire. You will shoot everything your comfortable with from .22 up to .45. Each shooter will have an instructor standing right there with you, not behind a line of shooters with no way to focus on each shooter. When you leave our class you will know exactly what it feels like to shoot each caliber round and you will know whatt you are comfortable with.

Many classes require you to go to class and take the test then drive to a gun range to do a limited amount of shooting. At G&L Firearms you will take the class and test in one location, our private facility and range. We offer a private range with a covered 3 port shooting hut all at the same location. If it is nice out then when you are done with our live fire program part of the course we will venture over to our steel target range where we let you pick your favorite gun of the day and take a few more shots at steel targets. You probably will not find that anywhere else.

We will provide everything needed for the class...eye and ear protection, guns, ammo, and even beverages and snacks. Just bring your ID and payment!

Being an FFL dealer we can also help you out in selecting an purchasing a new firearm. We also do transfers for your online purchases.


$140.00 for regularly scheduled monthly class ($40.00/student deposit needed)


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